Play zone for the little ones we build playgrounds
Play zone
for the little ones
we build playgrounds
Outdoor Gyms intended for public use
intended for public use
Development public space we build playgrounds
public space
we build playgrounds
Individual projects tailored to the needs and ideas of the client
tailored to the needs and ideas of the client

Backyard playground for children

Modern backyard playground equipment

Developing private space is a real challenge which involves a variety of different client expectations. Our in-depth knowledge about the needs of children and parents allowed us to create sets and individual pieces of equipment which engage all family members in outdoor play.

Having a backyard playground is the dream of many children. Our backyard sets combine everything that helps develop a child's curiosity, creativity, and love of sports. Our range includes equipment suitable not only for the smallest children. We also provide equipment for older children who need a more challenging environment. Regardless of age, all our designs are constructed in a way that guarantees complete safety and comfort for their users.

The basic equipment that will ensure a quality time outdoors for children includes:

  • backyard sandbox
  • backyard swing for children
  • backyard spring rocker
  • landscaping elements

By choosing just a few of these, we can arrange a set that’s well-adjusted to the age and capabilities of a child, which will make everyday activities much more interesting!

Create a space to foster your child’s development!

Kids develop rapidly, changing every day, and constantly look for new experiences and ways to test their skills. It’s no secret that such playground elements as swings, sandboxes or rockers make for great attractions for kids and can put a smile on every child’s face.
Parenting is a full-time job, and you don't always feel like going on a long walk with a visit to the park. We’re well aware of how important a moment of rest could be when you take care of a little person bursting with energy. A backyard playground is a great solution in such situations, as it provides a place near your home that children can safely use at any time. In addition, when you have a comfortable and modern set on your property, you’ll be eager to use it yourself, discovering a child’s curiosity within you!

Magic Garden is a company established to make people’s dreams come true, regardless of their age, while ensuring safe conditions for improving physical fitness and more. A backyard playground allows children to experience new adventures, expand their horizons and use the full potential of their incredible imagination, every day.

All equipment is made with high-quality materials, which ensure the reliability, sturdiness and durability of the individual pieces. We also know the importance of visual aesthetics and we take care of the finest details. Our designs are distinguished by their universal, modern design, which attracts attention and encourages spending time on outdoor activity.

Do you dream of your own outdoor gym in your backyard? We have something for you!

Our ideas for developing private space are not limited to backyard playground sets for children. To meet the expectations of people who value physical activity we provide a street workout set that will bring a dose of daily exercise closer to you!

The equipment we design and manufacture meets all safety standards, providing guaranteed durability, quality and sturdiness. Having a backyard street workout set, you can exercise everyday without the need to go out to the gym! We know how important it is to take care of your fitness and health and that’s why we believe that a backyard gym is the perfect solution for everyone!

Discover the magic of outdoor exercise

We want to give the opportunity to exercise outdoors to everyone, regardless of limitations. Our products are intended for children, parents, and grandparents of any level of fitness, and we believe that we can make a lot of people enthusiastic about sports. It doesn’t matter how old you are – Magic Garden’s equipment sets will let you find unbridled childlike joy.

If you dream about stepping out of your routine, you want to overcome boredom, find motivation for physical activity, or you just need your own space to exercise, our backyard sets can be just what you need!