Play zone for the little ones we build playgrounds
Play zone
for the little ones
we build playgrounds
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Outdoor Gyms intended for public use
intended for public use
public space
Development public space we build outdoor gyms and street workout devices
public space
we build outdoor gyms and street workout devices
public space
Individual projects tailored to the needs and ideas of the client
tailored to the needs and ideas of the client
private space

Public space development 

Magic Garden is a Polish company dealing with the construction of playgrounds, outdoor gyms and street workout equipment. Its services include revitalization of public spaces, development of public spaces, construction of sports fields, and construction of safe surfaces.


Private space development

As the company is constantly developing and expanding its range of services,

We design complex playgrounds for the youngest and areas for active leisure.


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Magic Garden
a company with substantial experience

Magic Garden is a company with more than ten years of tradition, which now forms a capital group comprising the following entities: Magic Garden Daniel Gacek and Magic Garden Ltd. We deal with producing certified playground, fitness and street workout equipment, and with building public playgrounds, outdoor gyms and sports fields all over the country.

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Over 12 years of experience
Over 5000 implemented investments
Individual projects
Diversified portfolio
Eco-Magic devices with photovoltaics
100% Polish product 

Magic Garden: manufacturer of playgrounds for children

Magic Garden playgrounds are a child’s dream come true!

Magic Garden is a company which is fully focused on creating and producing modern, original playgrounds, outdoor gyms and other structures for the public space. Our primary goal is to make our equipment safe and functional in both public and private space. We also want all our designs to catch the eye with interesting design, attracting passers-by and inviting everyone to actively spend time outdoors.

Our range includes such equipment as:

Spring rockers
Rope structures
Rope rides

In addition, we also provide full sets of equipment and street furniture that’s great for arranging public space. To meet the expectations of a wide group of users, we also manufacture outdoor gyms and playing fields for children and adults to spend their leisure time actively and joyfully!

We want to give the public much more than just classic playgrounds or run-of-the-mill outdoor gyms. We want our products to attract new users every day and help them enjoy active leisure time. Our dream is to fulfil the dreams of our clients and meet their most demanding expectations.


Whether a given structure is located in public space or is meant for private use, it’s essential for every element to be completely safe. We attach great importance to adapting every piece of equipment to its potential users, while complying with all restrictions applicable to leisure equipment. All the products in our range meet stringent requirements and have certificates that confirm their quality and conformity with European standards.

In arranging public space for playgrounds we believe it’s important to know how children move around them. The equipment is laid out in such a way to prevent any danger to children. We carry out meticulous checks of all our equipment as to its resistance to weather conditions and mechanical strength. We make every effort to take care of every little detail and satisfy our clients!


We design both complete sets, perfect for an urban park, as well as individual pieces of equipment, which are a perfect fit for a smaller backyard playground. Regardless of the size of such space, it should be first and foremost functional, safe and visually appealing. The equipment in our range clearly fulfil all of these criteria.Before we created our first playground we had in-depth consultations with its future users – children, parents and public institutions. To meet their demands, we can create friendly spaces which bring a lot of great possibilities.

The modular components of our designs allow a variety of arrangements and adapt the final result to the features of a given location. Some people seem to forget that a playground is much more than just a slide and swing. It’s a space where children can work on their dexterity, strength, interpersonal skills, and intelligence. We want to give children a place in which they can develop their passions, create memories and turn their dreams into reality, stimulating their curiosity about the world and making new, beautiful friendships. Playing fields, outdoor gyms and street workout sets are elements that give life to the urban landscape, attracting energetic people of all ages!

Third visual appeal

The visual aspect also plays a key role in designing this type of devices. A playground for children must catch the eye and encourage kids to play. This is also true for other structures located in the public space, such as playing fields and outdoor gyms. We make every effort for the materials used to create individual elements to be of the best possible quality and maintain their aesthetic value for many years.

Carefully selected colours that attract attention, while We give a lot of thought to and analyse each element of the design, which leads to impressive results. We are glad that we can give our clients something extraordinary, a space where genuine friendships begin, and memories and stories are created.

Developing private or public space is not an easy task, and the correct adaptation of every piece of equipment requires great precision. We know that our playgrounds, outdoor gyms and other structures can meet the expectations of even the most demanding clients.