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Outdoor gym equipment

Outdoor gyms

In addition to playgrounds designed with children in mind, we also provide equipment that is popular among adults. These are outdoor gyms, or sets of equipment for working out, regardless of age or gender. As a rule, their elements can be used for exercise regardless of fitness level, which has led to their great popularity in recent years.

An outdoor gym is the perfect idea for developing public space in a friendly way, which responds to the increasing interest in physical activity. It’s definitely a big and good step towards a healthier lifestyle. Magic Garden is a manufacturer of outdoor gyms that caters to its clients while respecting the principles of sustainable development. We're making efforts to make every stage of manufacturing as environment-friendly as possible.

What equipment forms part of outdoor gyms?

It might appear that all sets are identical, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Every outdoor gym may feature different elements, but some equipment can be found more often than other. This includes:

  • Air walker – this is a must-have for every outdoor gym. It helps you burn fat and strengthen leg muscles. Exercising on this device allows you to activate your hips, strengthening your knee and hip joints.

  • Twister – perfect for training motor coordination. Using it is a good way to strengthen your lumbar spine.

  • Stepper – this is another important piece of equipment in every outdoor gym, without which it’s difficult to imagine training in the open air. It has a highly beneficial effect on both upper and lower limbs.

  • Skier – muscle-building equipment that effectively contributes to strengthening abdominal and back muscles and improving motor coordination.

  • Chest press – perfect for those who have problems with their posture. It’s great for shoulder and back muscles.

  • Ladder – using this element allows building bicep, back and shoulder strength.

  • Cycle – helps work on leg muscles and joint mobility. It’s great for people who can’t ride a bicycle for any reason.

  • Rower – this device is ideal for strengthening leg muscles, upper back, and shoulders.

  • Back straightener – as implied by the name, this device straightens the back muscles. In addition, it helps build biceps femoris muscles and glutes.

  • Lat pull – the best choice for those who suffer from back pain. This device is effective at strengthening the upper body muscles, and exercising on it help deal with severe ailments.

As you can see, the choice is really wide and these are not the only devices which can be fitted in an outdoor gym. In planning a place for people who love to exercise, it’s worth consulting with our team who will eagerly answer all questions and provide advice on what to purchase.

Why using outdoor gyms is a good idea

Outdoor gyms are facilities that attract sports enthusiasts of any age, gender and fitness level. The equipment we design and build is also adapted to people with disabilities, which makes it highly inclusive. In addition, we’ve put a lot of effort into being an environmentally sustainable company, and we create outdoor gyms powered by the latest photovoltaic technologies. How it works Our devices are equipped with smart solar-multimedia sets that allow e.g. charging your phone during exercise. Outdoor exercise is a perfect way to get some fresh air, make your body more resilient and burn fat.

Proper exercise using outdoor gym equipment can be a wonderful way to rehabilitate, which makes it a great activity for elderly people. Also, regular outdoor exercise allows to reduce stress, strengthen your circulatory system and significantly improve your fitness and overall well-being.


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