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Swings for children

Swings – every playground must have one

Swinging equipment comes in many forms. The most popular and favourite attraction for nearly all children are swings, the classic ones we've known for years. Not only are they used as a piece of playground equipment, but they are also popular in private backyards. A backyard swing is a great idea to arrange space for our children. We know from experience that it’s one of the most popular attractions for children of any age, which is why it’s a must-have in every playground.

Most importantly, a children’s backyard swing should be made of sturdy materials, resistant to outdoor conditions, to stay functional for as long a time as possible. Our swings for children are perfect for private playgrounds as well as schools and kindergartens. The structures made by our expert team will ensure great fun for kids in every age group and will stay functional even with heavy use.

Durability, aesthetics and excellent workmanship – the key features of any swing for children

Our swings are made of top-quality materials, guaranteeing stability, comfort, and safety as children are having fun outdoors. To create the structure we use corrosion-resistant steel and laminated wood finished with the vacuum-pressure process. The black steel we use is also prepared by galvanisation and dual powder coating. The chain is calibrated in such a way that fingers can’t get stuck in it. The flat and bucket seats are made of durable rubber with a metal insert, and the nest swing is made of steel ropes with woven polypropylene, resulting in an extremely sturdy and comfortable structure.
The swing has many advantages and children are quick to notice that.

The key benefits of swings include:

  • Assisting physical and mental development;
  • Teaching children to overcome their fears;
  • Developing interpersonal skills, interacting with other children;
  • Fostering active leisure time with parents, siblings, and peers;
  • Developing balance and motor coordination;
  • Helping reduce stress and tension;
  • Developing spatial awareness and perceptive skills.

As we can see, good fun is not the only benefit for children from this form of activity. In addition to the above, we can also distinguish such advantages as: assisting motor development (leg and arm muscles and finger coordination), as well as sensory integration, which is the basis for subsequent learning and behavioural processes.

We can also notice that children often use garden swings for other kinds of play than just swinging, especially twisting and untwisting. It turns out that this activity also comes with its own benefits. It stimulates various parts of the brain, leading to the formation of new brain connections, which in turn are important for developing other skills (e.g. a sense of rhythm, learning and muscle control). It’s fascinating how a single piece of playground equipment can stimulate the body and mind of a young person, fostering his or her development.

The garden swing for children to meet all expectations

The swing is an inseparable element in any playground, both public and private, installed in your own backyard. Our range includes a variety of types of swings, so you can choose the model that’s right for you, meeting your personal needs and expectations. In addition to classic single swings, we also provide nest swings which have been immensely popular in recent years. Another great solution is a double swing, which can be used by two children at the same time. As for even bigger models, we have triple and quadruple swings with flat, bucket and nest seats.

Variety is key, as it allows picking the right seat for the age and preference of the child. A garden swing should first and foremost be safe and adapted to its young user. We have the necessary knowledge and extensive experience to design modern, reliable and child-friendly structures.


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